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I have this friend Nick (31, straight)

Written by
Kate Wertheimer

Single readers, you're in luck. Each week, Time Out will feature one of our very own smart, sexy, eligible buddies for your potential dating pleasure. No crazies, no creeps, no pressure. Enjoy!

We're starting with our friends for now, but we're also taking recommendations. Do you have a single friend who's a total catch? Nominate them below.

Nick was recommended by Kate Wertheimer, our senior associate editor: "I have this friend, Nick. He's a super stylish creative type who will nerd out with you over interior design and fashion just as much as he'll nerd out about space and sci-fi (which is a lot). He's also totally music-obsessed: he's got almost 100 playlists to share with you, and the guy regularly offers to drive so he can play music for his friends in the car. Swoon. He's smart, funny and always making things—most recently he built a coffee table from scratch, and now he's working on a game. You'll never be bored with this dude. You'll also never drink coffee with him (he's allergic). You will, however, most definitely get your photo taken, a lot. Also, ladies, that hair. Double swoon."

 Here's Nick, in his own words:

What's your favorite bar and why? Golden Gopher—it feels like a Minneapolis punk rock bar with the floors mopped and walls painted.

What's your favorite neighborhood in LA? Currently: Downtown. It's an easy subway away from many places therefore freeing you from the burden of your Mazda. It also has a concentrated amount of pizza joints and fun places that are walkable. Runner up: Hollywood. There's much fun to be had there still. Stop whining.

Beach, mountains or desert? Camping at/in any of them. Probably mountains though. Nature!

FYF, Burning Man or the LA Phil? Probably the LA Phil. I've never been! Plus I don't have any leather aviator caps or goggles so I wouldn't fit in at Burning Man.

Dive bar, cocktail bar or juice bar? Dive bar unless you want to get fancy and cocktail it up. I'll get fancy with you. I have a sweet tie clip.

What fictional LA character would you most like to spend the day with? Jake Gittes.

What's your ideal first date spot and why? The Observatory because if you can't get down with space, I can't get down with you. Also it's beautiful there.

Think you and Nick might hit it off? Shoot him an email at (include a photo!) and let the sparks fly.

Still looking? Meet our other sexy single friends.

If you've got a great single friend that should be featured here, send us an email at or nominate them below.

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