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I have this friend Stephen (30, gay)

Written by
Kate Wertheimer

Single readers, you're in luck. Each week, Time Out will feature one of our very own smart, sexy, eligible buddies for your potential dating pleasure. No crazies, no creeps, no pressure. Enjoy!

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Stephen was recommended by his friend Zorana: "I have this friend, Stephen. He has a lot of amazing qualities about him which include but are not limited to: being a great cook, an awesome tennis player and an amazing karaoke singer—plus the fact that he is super smart and gets along with just about everyone. But the best and most important thing about Stephen is that he is funny. I hope he can find someone equally as awesome as he is because he deserves no less!"

Here's Stephen, in his own words:

What’s at the top of your LA bucket list? As an LA native, I’ve never actually done any of the super touristy things like hike the Hollywood Sign or the Walk of Fame. I would love to one day pack my camera and fanny pack and do one of those Hollywood tours and have a total cliché LA day!

What LA stereotype do you kind of live up to? Unfortunately, I am one of those poor souls who have to deal with a miserable commute. It takes about an hour and a half each way to get to work when it normally should take about 25 minutes without traffic. Damn you 405!

What's your favorite bar in LA? It would depend on the occasion and mood, but Perch LA would be my top pick if my friends and I wanted a nice night out. I am a sucker for craft cocktails and a view. For something more low key, I love this local dive called Donna’s. It’s very chill and they have pool tables, electronic darts and a trivia game. I appreciate when a bar is more than a place to drink and has things you can do with your friends.

FYF, Burning Man or the LA Phil? I would say Burning Man only because it’s something outside my comfort zone and I would be curious as to if I would survive or not.

What are three must-have items you'd stash in your earthquake kit (aside from the necessities)? Bottle of wine, Cranium and a portable karaoke machine. Gotta keep ourselves entertained somehow! I’m also obsessed with karaoke and board games, in no particular order.

What's your ideal first date spot and why? Anything with good food and good drinks is fine by me. I’m not very hard to please.

Think you and Stephen might hit it off? Shoot him an email at (include a photo!) and let the sparks fly.

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