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It's official: the Rams (and maybe the Chargers) are moving to LA

Written by
Seth Kelley

In the spirit of the game, we think the best way to choose which NFL team will come to LA is to just flip a coin.

But instead, 32 NFL owners met put on their best suits and limo-ed on over to Houston to make the final decision this week, and the Rams won in a 30-2 vote to move to Inglewood. The Chargers also have the option to move to the stadium.

The final decision was between three teams (the Raiders, Chargers and the Rams) and two locations (Carson and Inglewood). All three teams have a history in the area (Raiders from 1982-1994, Chargers in 1960 and Rams in the Greater Los Angeles area from 1946 to 1994).

An NFL committee backed the project to move the Chargers and Raiders to the Carson location, but after a long day of waiting for an answer, the first vote was a bust. Out of a necessary 24 votes, 20 votes were cast for the Rams and another TBA team to move to the Inglewood stadium. 

Some fans are, for obvious reasons, not so eager to say goodbye to their team:

A handful of fans went to Houston to protest—about a dozen Raiders fans in full costume held up signs that said "Stay in Oakland." Also, this guy:

We don't hold grudges. If you're a Rams fan, we want you to keep loving your team. Los Angeles: are you ready for some football?

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