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It's the economy, stupid: Why girls become strippers

The author poses as part of our best exotic dancers in Los Angeles photo shoot.
Photograph: Jakob N. Layman The author poses as part of our best exotic dancers in Los Angeles photo shoot.
Go ahead. Get the daddy issues jokes out of your system. I'll wait...
In five years of dancing on poles and laps, I've met a wide variety of women in LA's exotic dancing world. However, the reasons for why they enter this world doesn't seem to vary all that much. Here are my findings.
1. Money for school
No big shock—school dominates the answers I get. What other job allows you to work nights, part-time and still make a full-time wage? Seems obvious that smart girls would do the job that maximizes their return with minimal time away from studying. And, many of them continue to supplement their income after graduation, or decide that the degree isn't worth it when they already have a lucrative job they enjoy.
2. Money for shelter
Several dancers I asked either were homeless or on the verge when they started dancing. The economy sucks! Strip clubs will often hire with no experience or resume. All you need is reasonably good looks or enough personality to compensate and a valid ID, and many clubs will have you start that same night. Twerk away that eviction notice!
3. Money for headshots
Yup. Many girls strip between auditions, waiting to get famous. Plenty of flexibility in stripping for the struggling artist. This is especially common here in LA.
4. Money for drugs
Sad but true. I actually didn't get this answer and it's not rampant, but I know it's out there. Strip clubs don't care about criminal records, or lack of job history. Usually, these girls don't last very long in any given club, quickly get fired and then move on, so I've rarely gotten a chance to make friends. Bums me out. Every so often, someone gets clean and sticks around—which is inspiring.
So, what about me? Why do I strip?
Living on my parents' couch post life-ruining divorce and feeling like I'd truly rather shoot myself than have another soul-sucking, ass-expanding, desk job...I needed (gasp) money. Money without a suit. Without sitting in front of a computer all day. Without 40-70 hours of my week evaporating for inadequate money. Without approaching every weekday morning with dread. I fell in love with stripping from day one and never looked back. The freedom, the power, the women and yes, the MONEY. As close to a dream job as I'll ever come. 
And yes, my parents do know how I got off the couch. Hi Dad!
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