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Jeremy Fall's second project, Golden Box, opens Friday

Written by
Erin Kuschner

When you hear about another club opening in Hollywood, we know you'll likely roll your eyes. What, there aren't enough sleezeball-infused, multi-level warehouses ready to charge you a $20 cover just so scantily-clad patrons can spill their drinks on your head (sorry, we may be a little bitter)?

Jeremy Fall feels your pain. The burgeoning nightlifer just opened his second Hollywood club, Golden Box, a small dance space and bar in the former Writer's Room that will open to the public Friday. "Disco" might be a more accurate description here. While his first club, Genesis, transformed an attic above Sassafras into a homey alcove filled with taxidermy and antiques, Golden Box is brighter, glitzier and, well, golden. Five sparkling disco balls hang from the ceiling while dancers bust moves on a floor plastered with tear outs from Interview magazine. Paint-splattered walls and a golden DJ cage frame the space, along with a few black leather booths that line the walls. But the point here isn't to sit or mingle—though if you want to do that, you can head outside to the patio—the point is to dance. Continuing with his ethos that defines Genesis, Fall wants to steer a night out in Hollywood away from fancy swills and towards pure, unadulterated dance. You can order a gin & tonic or a beer at Golden Box, of course, but don't ask for an eight-ingredient cocktail. During a soft media opening, DJ Smiles—who will be the resident DJ every Friday night—spun a fantastic set that crossed generations and musical predelictions, and the dance floor was never empty.

Of course, the variables that make a successful night out in Hollywood can't always be controlled. Golden Box is small, and if you're not feeling the crowd, there isn't another room to escape to. The attached parking lot charges $20 on a Friday night, leaving you gritting your teeth as you circle the block for cheaper parking. But there is no cover charge at Golden Box, nor is there a guest list, dress code or complicated cocktail menu. It's just a space—a golden box—where you can dance and have a shot of whiskey, and sometimes that's all you need.

Want to hear more about Fall's plan to conquer LA nightlife? Read our interview with him here.

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