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JINYA's new lobster ramen dish is only available to 10 diners per day

By Erin Kuschner

For seafood fans, adding lobster to a dish immediately makes it more covetable. Lobster toast? Lobster ravioli? Hell yeah. But when only 10 people can score said dish? That's when people start lining up.  

Following JINYA's latest specialty bowl—the Truffle Spash—both JINYA Ramen in Studio City and Robata JINYA on W 3rd Street are now offering Lobster Me Happy, a lobster ramen dish available to only 10 diners each day until the end of the year. And man, this dish is a beauty. The hefty bowl starts off with a lobster, shrimp and pork broth, a medley of flavors that result in a rich, complex base. A layer of thick noodles is topped with sections of green onion, lobster and shrimp wontons, an egg and crispy Brussels sprouts, the latter of which gives the dish a funky, earthy quality. A lobster head peeks out from the bowl, in case you had any doubts that the crustacean played an integral part of the dish. 

While the lobster ramen just made its way onto the menu on October 1, the restaurants have gone through their 10 allotted dishes quickly—if you want to score one, it's safe to say that you should show up early. At $18, the ramen is certainly on the pricier side, but it's a massive helping that's well worth the splurge. And if you happen to have any room left over, the panna cotta with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream is a sweet way to end the meal. 

Will you be trying the decadent dish? Let us know in the comments below!

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