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L.A. may be getting a club where it's determined at the door who is good-looking enough to enter

Kate Wertheimer

Kinda sounds like every club in L.A. already, right? But this one takes the exclusivity to a pretty outrageous level: namely, stating outright that it's discriminating based on looks—heck, bragging about it.

According to Bravo, Greg Hodge, the gem behind, has decided to open what is essentially a brick-and-mortar version of his website, where hopefuls send head shots and body shots to be rated by existing members (rating scale: "absolutely not" to "beautiful;" tagline: "beauty is in the eye of the voter"). If accepted, new members can attend Beautiful People events and mingle and date other Beautiful People. The online club exists in 120 countries and has over 850,000 members.

The LA members will have instant access to Hodge's new bar—if you want in and you're not already a member, you'll have to apply online. If you just want to go with a friend who's a member, prepare your bod (and your emotional fortitude) for an instant judging at the door by "Beauty Police," people whose sole job is to determine whether non-members are good-looking enough to enter. According to CBS, you'll be judged by a mix of celebrity trainers, models, insiders and influencers. Exceptions will be made for people whose looks aren't up to snuff, as long as their wallets are full (read: if you're rich, who cares if you're beautiful!). We're not sure how wealth will be judged on-sight, but we're sure Hodge will think of something.

We're also not 100% sure how all this aligns with Hodge's idea that in an ideal world, we "would look across the bar and see a person's spirit or soul." Apparently in Hodge's mind, a person's soul is very much connected with facial symmetry and/or overflowing bank accounts. But, it seems to work; according to Bravo, Hodge boasts that thousands of marriages, affairs and even beautiful babies have resulted from his website. And now, you can start your very own affair in person, at Beautiful People, the club!

Once you're in, you can make eyes at other Beautiful People over drinks and a selection of lean meats and raw food items. Think you might need a touch-up in the few hours you'll be at the bar? Of course you will, but no need to powder your own nose; there's a complimentary hair and makeup service for that. CBS also reports that if you really want to arrive in style, you can take the club's discounted helicopter service, which will land at a helipad nearby. (We assume there will be a second squad of door-judgers and make-up refreshers on the roof?)

In response to why Beautiful People chooses to discriminate based on looks both online and in real life, Hodge responds, basically: because he can. "Being ugly is not a protected characteristic." What the fuck? More like Beautiful Bullies.

The exact location of the club has yet to be revealed, but you can look forward to more absurd updates in 2017. Looking for a more substantial way to meet the love of your life? Check out these top (and decidedly non-descriminatory) spots to meet singles in LA.

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