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L.A.'s fanciest polling place has free breakfast, sitar players, yoga

Michael Juliano
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Michael Juliano

If you're performing your civic duty today, chances are you're discovering some corner of your neighborhood—whether a dusty old rec room or a retirement home basement—that you never knew existed. Polling places for election day are based on your address; unless you voted early or by mail, you'll be casting your ballot at the nearest, assigned location.

But if you happen to live in Bel Air, there's a good chance that you get the opportunity to vote at the most luxurious polling place imaginable. Each year, the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel offers voters a slate of luxurious perks: valet parking, free breakfast and live music. Yes, live music, and we don't mean some some sort of patriotic marching band that wandered in off the street. Instead, you'll find a duo of sitar players plucking away on a plush rug.


Sending you some good vibes on this Election Day. #decision2016 #gratitude #sitar #letitgo #zen #nbcla @marshstrings

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It's the perfect soundtrack for, say, yoga. Because the Luxe encourages voters to destress with a little bit of downward dog. And really, that's what all of the hotel's Election Day amenities seem to center around: letting voters relax after what's been a tense campaign season on both sides.


The L.A. Times notes that the perks are entirely legal—so long as the Luxe's offerings don't influence voters to cast their ballots for a particular candidate or proposition. (It's also worth mentioning that when the Times checked out the location in 2014, they were greeted with lamb chops, Chinese chicken salad and a harpist.)

Just remember to tell yourself as you perform your civic duty: Even though voters have it good inside the iconic Bel Air gates, we all cast votes that count equally. 

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