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LocoL releases its not-so-secret 'secret menu'

Written by
Erin Kuschner

In the midst of all the Shake Shack madness that happened yesterday (in summary: it opened, it's great, lines are still long), LocoL quietly released a secret menu to its email subscribers, a list of 14 dishes that aren't on the normal menu. After launching breakfast a few weeks ago, the Watts fast-food spot from Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson is following in the footsteps of In-N-Out, with secret dishes that will undoubtedly become as popular as the regular items. Here's the full list of not-so-secret bites:

- Grilled cheese
- Burg Bun cheese toast
- Chicken nugs with BBQ sauce
- Chicken nugs with buttermilk sauce
- Veggie nugs with BBQ sauce
- Veggie nugs with buttermilk sauce
- Flat bread cheese toast
- Turkey egg in the hole
- Coffee milkshake with caramel
- Coffee milkshake with mocha
- French toast ice cream
- Chicken cheese buttermilk salad
- Beef gravy noodleman
- Watts special (beef gravy, rice, greens, flat bread) 

A couple of these sound incredible: the French toast ice cream includes hunks of French toast on top, and the turkey egg in the hole looks like a solid breakfast sandwich. It's still unclear what the beef gravy noodleman actually is, but there's only one way to find out. Trip to Watts, anyone?

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