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Long Beach paints rainbow stripes on crosswalks ahead of Beach Streets and Pride

Written by
Stephanie Morino

Just in time for the leprechauns' favorite holiday, Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia posted a photo to his Facebook page yesterday showing crews painting rainbow stripes along the city's crosswalks along Broadway in Alamitos Beach—hopefully leading to a pot of gold. 

While perfect timing for St. Patrick's Day, the project is actually set to kick off this weekend's Beach Streets, a pedestrian and bike-friendly event that closes off streets around a 4-mile route in Downtown Long Beach (unless you're attending the event, we'd avoid the Broadway Corridor, Pine Ave, the East Village Arts District and 4th St Retro Row). A full guide to the closures, which start at 7am Saturday, can be found on the event's website

While the colorful crosswalks definitely call attention to pedestrian safety (drivers would have to be really distracted to miss these), the crosswalks aren't just in honor of the Beach Streets event. According to the mayor's Facebook post, the crosswalks will be a permanent fixture, or at least until the city's Pride event in May. So if you won't be around this weekend, make your way to the area in the next few months—maybe to do some shopping—for a colorful walk through the city. 

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