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Our 10 swatch proposals for the official colors of LA

Our 10 swatch proposals for the official colors of LA

There seems to be a Pantone color for everything. Each January the company announces a color trend for the year to come based on their analysis of trends and public sentiment. Just recently, Australian anti-smoking regulators turned to those same color wizards to figure out the least appealing color in existence for new cigarette packaging. The winner (er, loser)? A drab brownish-greenish shade called "opaque couché" which, as Cosmopolitan reports, now officially holds the title of "world’s ugliest color." This got us thinking that Los Angeles has some clear color trends in our own environment—the aquamarine of the Pacific Ocean or the red of brake-lights ahead—and we decided to propose a few suggestions for official LA color swatches. Far from ugliest, if we do say so ourselves. 


 1. Scientology Blue



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2. Paul Smith Wall Pink




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3. Avocado Toast Green




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4. Red Carpet Red




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5. Bougainvillea Purple



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 6. Dodger Blue





7. June Gloom Grey





8. San Gabriel Mountain Snow Cap White 



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 9. Petersen Automotive Museum Red



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10. Angelyne Pink






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