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Save money on beer with these 5 L.A. mug clubs

Boomtown Brewery
Photograph: Courtesy Boomtown Brewery

There are clubs you regret joining (a membership to that super expensive gym seemed like a good idea at the time) and there are clubs that you are a proud, card-carrying member of (did you know your public library card can save you thousands?). A mug club definitely fits into the latter category. Not familiar with the idea? If you drink a lot of beer, you should be—for a yearly fee, a mug club offers you the chance to get discounts on beer at your favorite beer bars and breweries, insider info on early releases and plenty of free pints. Check out some of our favorite mug clubs in the city and start saving.

Sunset Beer Co.: This beloved Echo Park bottle shop and beer bar offers a membership to their mug club for $70 per year, plus a $50 renewal fee. As a member, you'll get a custom 17-ounce mug, $1-off on all draft beers, advanced notice on early release beers and a waived corkage fee on all bottles. To sign up, head on over and fill out Sunset Beer's membership form.

Boomtown Brewery: The newest addition to Downtown L.A.'s bourgeoning brewery scene, Boomtown Brewery offers an annual Golden Class Membership for $325 (limited to the first 100 buyers; after 100, the price jumps to $375). Before you balk at the cost, here's everything you'll be getting: a 32-ounce growler and one free fill, 10 free (!) pints per month, an exclusive gold monogram glass, a Boomtown trucker hat, early access to special release events and 20 percent off everything purchased at the brewery. Sign up here.

Franklin & Co. Tavern: Dubbed the Punishers Mug Club, this club offers membership for $125, with a $100 renewal fee each year. As a card-carrying member, you'll benefit from a 20-ounce mug (essentially, you'll be getting an extra, free quarter pint for a regular pint price), a free mug of beer when you sign up, a mug club T-shirt, 10 percent off beer dinners and more. The only catch? You have to use your mug at least once during a three-month period, or you'll be deemed inactive. Head on over to the tavern to sign up.

Eagle Rock Brewery: Good things come to those who wait—and you'll definitely have to wait to get on Eagle Rock Brewery's mug club list, which you can sign up for at the brewery. The wait time is about a year; once you get in, you'll need to pay a $75 membership fee, followed by a $60 renewal fee each year. Members receive an inscripted mug, bigger pours, 15 percent off all beer and merchandise and an invitation to special events every quarter. 

Rockbottom Brewery: The popular brewery has locations across the country, but you'll find the closest one in Long Beach, where frequent drinkers can participate in Rockbottom's rewards program. Snag a rewards card on your first visit and earn one point for every $1 you spend (and $10 off your next visit!). But for every one house beer you buy, you'll also earn one pint—and at 50 pints, you'll become an honorary mug club member, where you'll be able to drink from a mug club mug and receive invitations to exclusive mug club members-only events. Sign up for a rewards card on your next visit.

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