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Served: In-N-Out is suing DoorDash for delivering its burgers

Double double at In-N-Out
Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

If you've ever found yourself hangry in an In-N-Out drive-through, bemoaning why you couldn't just order a Double-Double from the comfort of your home, you may have been ecstatic to find that, until recently, the delivery service DoorDash promised to bring the goods to you. In the wake of Taco Bell jumping on the delivery bandwagon, it seemed like a legit move—except it wasn't. In-N-Out never gave DoorDash permission to deliver its burgers.

The California-based chain went animal-style on the delivery service last week, serving DoorDash with a lawsuit on November 6. In-N-Out is accusing DoorDash of trademark infringement and unfair competition, saying that it never agreed to the partnership and that it has no control over how DoorDash's drivers handle the food. What's even crazier is that DoorDash has been using a fake In-N-Out logo to advertise the delivery, a move that they've already been reprimanded for in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

In-N-Out is hoping to get a jury trial out of this suit; in the meantime, DoorDash has removed all mention of the burger joint from its website. And while the promise of a Neapolitan shake delivered to your doorstep was momentarily within reach, it appears we'll just have to continue waiting in line for our meal. Which we will. Because it's In-N-Out.



Maryla W

This exact thing happened to my business!! It was infuriating because we didn't even know what Doordash was and we kept getting orders. We hadn't approved the items customers were asking for and we'd get orders during times we weren't serving particular menu items.  Doordash said it was a way to get the potential customer (the business) interested in joining. They basically steal your menu and logo and create a page to see how many people will order. If it's significant they can go, "Hey look, you have this many people wanting to order from you, join us" And that was a face to face conversation I had with the Doordash rep in our store.