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Snapchat Spectacles are finally for sale, if you can catch the Snapbot in Venice today

Written by
Brittany Martin

Snapchat Spectacles are the eyewear of choice for when you need protection from the sun, but also can’t possibly risk missing out on recording and sharing all the fire content (formerly known as ‘regular life’) happening around you and posting it for your adoring Snapchat fanbase. And, after months of buzz and speculation, you can finally get your hands on a pair of gadget goggles—if you can track down the company’s bright yellow pop-up vending machine.

The machine made a public debut in Venice Beach, not far from Snap’s corporate offices. According to CNET, you may still be able to catch it if you’re quick before it disappears, and moves along to wherever it will show up next. You’ll know when you’re in the vicinity of a Snapbot, as the vending machines are known, because a specialized Snapchat geofilter will become available. Obviously. 

When you arrive at the smiling Snapbot, you’ll be offered a choice of black, teal or coral colored frames which you can ‘try on’ virtually on a screen before selecting. Next, swipe your credit card for $129.99, and within seconds the machine will spit out your Spectacles, charging case, cord and special cleansing cloth. They come pre-charged so you can immediately put them on and post a Snapchat of yourself experiencing your Snapchat glasses for the first time. (Though, if you’re just buying them to flip on eBay, as some folks seem to be doing, reports have them going for as much as $1,200.) 

Expensive sunglasses you’re encouraged to wear all the time to film videos and share the minute details of your life? That might be the most perfect L.A. fashion accessory since purse dogs



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