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The Point in El Segundo
Photograph: Erin KuschnerThe Point in El Segundo.

The Point is the South Bay's version of The Grove on a diet

Written by
Erin Kuschner

Almost two years of construction and $80 million later, The Point is now open, a 115,000-square-foot plaza in El Segundo that serves as the South Bay's answer to The Grove. There are certainly some similarities: a fountain bubbling in the center of an open green space, a circle of shops and restaurants lining the outskirts. There are even foosball tables for communal play, and patio furniture for lounging.

But whereas you can pick up a box of chocolates at See's Candies or gorge on giant portions at The Cheesecake Factory while shopping at The Grove, The Point has a slightly healthier angle. In one corner of the outdoor mall, a Soul Cycle sits next to Bella Beach Kids, children's attire for little beach bums-in-training. True Food Kitchen is a restaurant based on the "anti-inflammatory principles of Dr. Andrew Weil," where you can order kale and avocado dip, chia seed pudding and wild mushroom pizza (on a recent visit, a snarky blackboard outside True Food read, "In desperate times, coconut water has been known to be used for blood transfusions."). There are plenty of activewear stores like Athleta and Prana, and additional clothing shops that range from well known names (Madewell, Lucky Brand) to boutiques (No Rest for Bridget, Lou & Grey).

The Point opened last Friday, and there are a fair number of shops and restaurants still to come (like the much-anticipated Superba Food + Bread). In the meantime, you can eat in North Italia's open air dining room or customize a bowl at ShopHouse, shop for bikins at San Lorenzo Bikinis or pick up some running shoes at SIX:02. Check out the complete directory here—just don't be disappointed when you can't find a Cheesecake Factory.

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