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These dishes are proof that kimchi is having a moment in L.A.

Kimchi Latkes at Leona
Photograph: Ryan Tanaka

We're not oblivious to the fermentation craze that's been happening in L.A., but kimchi seems to be showing up in the most unexpected places lately. You'll find it in latkes, on toast, in rice balls and, yup, even slathered on top of poutine. If you're already a fan of the fermented Korean cabbage dish, dig in. And if you're not? These kimchi-centric delights are about to make you a serious believer.

1. Kimchi toast at Baroo


when I die bury me inside baroo and make sure they have plenty of kimchi toast #eaterla

A photo posted by Amy M (@aemccarthy) on


One of Baroo's newest dishes is this kimchi toast, a surprising appetizer that has the mouth feel of a tuna melt topped with pickled vegetables.

2. Kimchi dumplings at Plant Food + Wine

Photograph: Jakob N. Layman


This beautiful creation is a vegan dream: dumplings made from dehydrated coconut and stuffed with tangy kimchi. A splash of beet sauce turns the plate into some kind of pop-art piece.

3. Kimchinis at Eko Eats


Italy's classic arancini—rice balls coated with bread crumbs and deep fried—is given a Korean spin as Eko Eats stuffs their 'cini with kimchi.

4. Korean latkes at Leona


Photograph: Ryan Tanaka


These crispy latkes are made of shredded potatoes mixed with kimchi, and accompanied by a little crème fraîche to dispel some of the heat.

5. Kimchi poutine at Smoke's Poutinerie


Korean poutine wuuut! Delish actually! // #poutine #bulgogi #mashup #fusion #californiacuisine #hollywood

A photo posted by Tommy Cuellar (@tommycuellar) on


In yet another beautiful fusion, Smoke's Poutinerie melds its classic Canadian dish with Korean kimchi. 

6. K-BBQ Burger at Plan Check 

Photograph: Dylan + Jeni

It features a slice of kimcheese—need we say more? (It's gruyere cheese processed with wine and dried kimchi.)

What other kimchi mashups are you into right now? Let us know in the comments below!

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