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Tired at work? The OC start-up Nappify will bring a mobile nap trailer to you.

Written by
Brittany Martin

If you’re like us, sometimes the late-afternoon slump hits hard and all you want to do is curl up under your work desk for a nap. Unfortunately, your co-workers might not be cool with you snoring away down there. So what can you do? Nappify has a solution; the Orange County start-up is launching personal mobile nap pods that come to you and charge by the snooze. 

As reported in the OC Register, company founder Kevin Pham extensively studied the nap cultures of Japan, as well as Vietnam, and found that major corporations like Nike see that short naps boost worker productivity and have started offering nap pods in their offices. The link between nap breaks and better job performance, memory and problem solving has also been found in numerous other studies. According to Nappify, the ideal mid-day nap is 40 minutes.

While your company might not be building an in-office sleep station just yet, Nappify will bring its trailer to you. The mobile unit features a small lobby leading to four private sleeping pods. Each pod is soundproofed, air conditioned and features a reading light and folding table in addition to the single bed, fitted with sheets and pillowcases—don't worry, they are swapped out between each client.   

To debut the service, the sleep trailer parked at Santa Ana College during the student’s finals week. Now its planning to embark on a summer tour, so send them your location and they might choose your workplace for a free naptime trial.  

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