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Try Soylent's new Coffiest drink for free at Coffiest Cafe, a pop-up in DTLA

By Erin Kuschner

Solid food—who needs it? Chewing is so 2012, at least according to the founders of Soylent, the meal replacement drink packed with hard-to-pronounce ingredients that are all supposedly good for you. Some swear by the product, others think it's the end of all that is good in this world (food). If you haven't tried any of Soylent's products for yourself yet, this weekend might be your chance: from Friday to Sunday, the pop-up coffee shop Coffiest Cafe will be open to the public, offering Soylent's new Coffiest beverage along with Soylent bars.

DJs will be playing throughout the weekend, and on Sunday from 4-5pm, there will be a conversation on the melding of art and food. The pop-up will also serve as a space for sculptor Arik Levy's Rock Growth 350, along with an '80s-style arcade game that visitors can play for free. Inspired by Pacman, each player is an astronaut that races through a maze to collect Soylent products. Who knows if the astronaut is actually full at the end. 

But more on Coffiest, which will be available for free (as will the Soylent bars). Billed as breakfast and coffee in one bottle, the plant-based formula is comprised of soy protein, algal oil, coffee and the amino acid l-theanine, which is supposed to counteract the jittery effect some people get from coffee. Does it taste better than a stack of pancakes? Probably not, but there are some who might argue otherwise.

Coffiest Cafe will be open Friday through Sunday from 10am-6pm at 2010 E 7th St in Downtown Los Angeles. 

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