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Photograph: Courtesy of Gil Riego Jr. - and on Instagram @gilphotography

What to expect at Taking Back Tuesday (aka Emo Night)

Written by
Sarah Lipman

Bars like this are dime a dozen.

Well, at least they should be. On an unsuspecting Tuesday night in Echo Park, hundreds of people lined up around the corner for Taking Back Tuesday, the monthly emo night that’s made its trek down from San Francisco to Los Angeles last December.

Named after the early aughts’ angsty Taking Back Sunday, the night pumps out hit after hit to a crowd of sweaty 20 and 30-somethings who just want to get together to sing, dance, drink and feel all of the feels.

After just a two-month residence at the Eastside’s Short Stop, the event has grown so large that it’s found a new home at the Echoplex for this month’s event on February 3rd.

So what can you expect at Taking Back Tuesday?

1. Guest DJs from your favorite emo bands. Last month’s guest DJ was Buddy Nielsen of Senses Fail. This month ups the ante with a DJ set by Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus. When you're there...try to read Hoppus' face. If he looks sad, it could be due to the rumored feud surrounding his former band, or it could be the natural face you make when attending a night dedicated to music that helped you get over your first love. You can bet on seeing crowds in their now-too-small Blink 182 and/or Angels & Airwaves shirts—either in favor of or protesting Blink’s decision to axe DeLonge.

2. Amazing drink specials with equally as amazing emo puns. Order a Soco Amaretto Lime or a Whiskey is for Drinking, Not for Burning. Both are clever plays on songs from Brand New and Senses Fail, respectively and are drinks priced at a cool $6 special for the evening. Why not enjoy a drink legally while listening to the songs you used to illegally drink to?

3. Guys wearing guyliner, band tees and Chucks. The uniform of yesteryear, there’s no shortage of folks dressed up in their blackest black and destroyed Chucks with band signatures. My green hi-tops, busted out last month for the first time since I was 16 have three: Taking Back Sunday, Brand New and Head Automatica.

4. To have the best night ever. After the lights come on and everyone shuffles out, you’re likely left dripping sweat and with no voice to be heard. But in your head, one line will keep playing as you drift to sleep, “We got older/but we’re still young…”

We may get older, but our favorite music of the 2000s? Timeless.

Hey, emo kid! Need a good cry to get ready for Taking Back Tuesday? Check out our 50 best break-up songs.

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