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Where to find free foie gras to celebrate the end of the ban

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Sara Fay

Chefs all around LA are pretty excited to have foie gras back on menus after a U.S. district court judge KO'ed the ban on the stuff Wednesday.

In effect since 2012, the state ban left many foodies missing their foie (unless they knew where to go, if you know what we mean), but chefs are making up for it by getting it back on their menus, au plus vite.

Jose Andres, wasting no time, will be giving out free foie gras cotton candy at The Bazaar at the SLS Beverly Hills Thursday from 5-7pm.

Ludo Lefevbre was also, predictably, stoked.

He says he'll be putting foie gras back on the menus at Petit Trois and Trois Mec too. It sure looks like he's ready to go right now.


Looking forward to having this French goodness on the menu at @petittroisla and Trois Mec. #foiegras #frenchfood

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