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Your chance to own tons of stuff from 'Twilight' has finally arrived

Brittany Martin

More than 900 costumes, props, set pieces and other assorted bits and bobs from the Twilight films are hitting the auction block. If you just absolutely need an outfit Robert Pattinson wore as teen vampire Edward Cullen or a tapestry-shaded floor lamp that sat in the bedroom of Bella Swan, Kristen Stewart’s character—get your paddles ready.

Prop Store, a specialist in liquidating studio leftovers, will be staging the in-person finale of the auction on November 19 and 20 at the TCL Chinese Theaters in Hollywood, but you can already register and stake your claims with early bids on their website.

“As far as I’m aware, no authentic Twilight material has ever been sold in the past,” Prop Store’s Brandon Alinger told Sky News

The most buzzed-about item in the collection seems to be the engagement ring Stewart’s character is given—perfect for your own upcoming vampire-themed betrothal, we’re sure—but there are also plenty of party dresses (in versions both blood-stained and clean) and a whole bunch of dated-looking prop cell phones, iPods and video cameras that will definitely remind you just how long ago 2008, when the first of the three Twilight films debuted, really was. Some items might take a truly dedicated ‘Twihard’ to appreciate, such as a disposable plastic hospital ID wristband or a stack of fake high school homework from the fictional Forks High.

Leading up to the auction, some of the collection has been on a bit of a road show, so fans without the cash to buy the items can at least catch a glimpse. After being displayed at San Diego Comic Con over the summer, and more recently at Forever Twilight in Forks, Washington, select lots will be out for the public to check out at the Chinese Theater starting on November 18.

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