Avalon New Year's Eve: Lost in Space

Avalon New Year's Eve: Lost in Space
Photograph: Jason 'Ohdagyo' Fenmore, courtesy Avalon Avalon New Year's Eve: Lost in Space

Why settle for simple earthly delights when you can make your last night of 2013 extra terrestrial? Partiers at the will rage and writhe under more than just mirror balls as a galaxy and solar system, vortex of smoke, spinning lights and a massive stageside spaceship transform the historic Avalon into a multisensory space odyssey. And while booty-shaking robots, aliens and astronauts donning led-lit spacesuits are sure to animate the otherworldly atmosphere, it’s Ministry of Sound resident Fedde Le Grand’s infectious electro (Put Your Hands Up For Detroit), DJs Sultan + Ned Shepard progressive house and—fingers crossed—a rumored back-to-back set between the two that will serve as dancefloor g-force and cause revelers to begin year 2014 lost in bass.

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