Photograph: Curious Josh HUSHconcerts.

San Francisco’s favorite entourage of self-proclaimed sonic missionaries, Silent Frisco, merged with promoter Sunset SF to create HUSHconcerts. The name may be different, but the concept is still the same: to bring to life wicked lineups (Talking Heads, LCD Soundsystem, James Brown, etc.) through a cutting-edge, technology-meets-music event. Here’s how it works: The man behind the curtain places the decibels & volume from large speakers into headphones for each concert-goer, allowing a totally immersive musical experience, without the distractions of ambient noise. Basically, you’re dancing your ass off to great music next to a bunch of other people doing the same, in a room that’s pretty much silent. All the tunes are in your headphones. Both the audio clarity and the vibes are guaranteed to be top-notch.


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