Seven Grand DTLA & Wild Turkey Thanksgiving Eve Party

Clubs Free
Wild Turkey
Courtesy: Seven Grand Wild Turkey

Seven Grand, along with their gracious sponsor Wild Turkey, are giving you a pretty great excuse to get wasted this Thanksgiving eve. Entry is free, however with each $1 donation they'll pass you a raffle ticket for prizes being given out throughout the night—and all donations will go to the LA Midnight Mission for Thanksgiving Dinner. Each glass of $6 Wild Turkey Spiced Cranberry Punch Cocktail you guzzle will also get you a raffle ticket, for prizes like hats, t-shirts and a few boozy surprises. Prizes will be drawn every hour, and the winning ticket numbers will go up on a chalkboard so that if you miss the draw while you're taking shots/making out with that friend from high school/outside having a smoke, you can still claim your prize.

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