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Brew HaHa
Photograph: Courtesy Brew HaHa Brew HaHa is more than a backyard comedy show. It's a patriotic celebration.

Tucked away in a backyard (4221 Normal Ave) in East Los Angeles is the monthly show "Brew Haha." Producers Brad Silnutzer, Aaron Black and Marissa Gallant transform Los Angeles’s two favorite hobbies—drinking and comedy—into one hilarious drinking game comedy show. With the comics hidden away completely unaware, Aaron, Brad and Marissa go over the house rules for the show. Whenever a comic mentions (fill-in-the-blank) it’s time to take a drink. A light on the stage alerts you to when a buzzword has been hit. This drinking game/comedy combination leads to a fun night for comics and audience alike.

"A couple hundred people squeezed into a backyard and watching an interactive drinking game comedy show tends to bond the audience together, making the after party wildly fun.” – Brad Silnutzer


By: Greg Kashmanian

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