Magic Asphalt: Drive-In Comedy Under the Stars

Comedy, Stand-up
Magic Castle comedy show
Photograph: Courtesy Stevo Rood @aroodphoto Jim Jefferies.

Time Out says

Nope, this isn’t an illusion: A stand-up comedy show is setting up in the parking lot of Hollywood’s most whimsical clubhouse for magicians. The sets will all be blasting through your FM radio during multiple nights of drive-in sets at the Magic Castle. The show comes from Tammy Jo Dearen, who produces the Comedy Store’s weekly B*TCH.

Tickets cost $125 (or $100 at the early bird rate) and allow up to five people per car. So depending on how many people are in your household, you’re looking at either a relatively reasonably priced comedy show per person or a bit of a splurge. That might make the difference between whether or not you can scrounge up the cash to order some food and (alcoholic) drinks from the Magic Castle.

And as is the case with other drive-in events, you’ll need to remain in your car during the show and wear a mask if you need to use the for-emergencies-only bathroom.


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