Stand-up comedy shows in LA: Comedians headlining in LA in December

Explore our calendar of live podcasts, improv and stand-up comedy shows in LA to find out when your favorite comedians are headlining in Los Angeles this December.

Stand-up comedy

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Patton Oswalt & Friends

Oswalt, who starred as a nerdy tollbooth guy in Big Fan and a nerdy foodie rat in Ratatouille, is a dork-delighting stand-up. His carefully crafted turns of phrase have always revealed him to be as much a writer as a performer, but his blistering rants about food, film and the asshats of the world keep even the uninitiated in rapt attention.
Comedy, Stand-up

Charlie Murphy

Yeah, he's Eddie's brother and he played supporting roles on Chappelle's Show, but when Charlie Murphy steps onto the stage, he's his own person. His stand-up is thoughtful and understated, addressing social issues you wouldn't necessarily expect when looking into his wild eyes.
Comedy, Stand-up

Mike Birbiglia: Working it Out

Mike Birbiglia, the NPR-lover's stand-up, is funny and endearing, and has impeccable timing. On the heels of his one-man storytelling shows Sleepwalk with Me and My Girlfriend's Boyfriend, Birbigs tests out new material for a bargain price during this series of gigs. Get tickets early.
Comedy, Stand-up

Brian Posehn

Posehn, who first garnered acclaim for his contributions to Mr. Show, has toured the nation with the Comedians of Comedy, and is currently writing for Charlie Sheen's Anger Management. While his gross, angry geek persona has always hit home with crowds, his joke writing only gets better with time.


The ATC/Largo Comedy Show

The All Things Comedy podcast network, founded by the brutally funny Bill Burr and Daily Show correspondent Al Madrigal, rounds up its on-air regulars for a stand-up showcase. Dave Anthony hosts Al Madrigal, Harland Williams, Graham Elwood, Randy Liedke and Baron Vaughn.

Comedy, Stand-up

Jimmy Pardo

Once called the "comic's comic," Pardo's credits include everything from bit parts in sitcoms like That '70s Show to opening for Conan O'Brien at his late-night tapings. When it comes to comedian podcasts, his award-winning "Never Not Funny" ranks second only to Ricky Gervais' and has featured guests like Sarah Silverman and Jon Hamm. But he truly shines when interacting with audiences; experience the funnyman's routine firsthand and you may even end up as the butt of one of his jokes.

Comedy, Stand-up

Sarah Silverman

Need any further evidence that comedy's lowbrow is becoming accepted in the hallowed halls of high culture? Silverman will bring her acerbic, off-color act to Largo at the Coronet.

Live podcasts

Comedy, Stand-up

How Did This Get Made?

A trio of funny friends—Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas and June Diane Raphael—celebrate truly awful movies in their podcast How Did This Get Made? The crew and a few special guests goof off while dissecting some atrociously bad film along the lines of The Adventures of Pluto Nash. Occasionally the podcast takes to the road for a live show, which adds in some video clips and, sometimes, first hand accounts from actors involved in literally the worst movies ever.

Other performances

Very Federman Christmas 5

You may not know Wayne Federman by name, but no doubt you'll recognize his facethe actor and writer has had bit parts in comedies from Legally Blonde to 40-Year-Old Virgin and a recurring role on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Now he's the mastermind behind his eponymous film festival, which brings big names in stand-up to Cinefamily to pick and introduce movies that have personally influenced them, as well as the Very Federman Christmas spectacular at Largo, featuring oddball character master Paul F. Tompkins.

The Whiskey Sour Mistletoe Jam, hosted by Ed Helms

The one-time Daily Show correspondent's singing voice isn't much of a secret anymore thanks to the pop culture domination of The Office and The Hangover (what do tigers dream of?). The banjo-wielding comedian occasionally mounts the bluegrass-inflected Whiskey Sour Radio Hour, his own take on old-time, radio variety shows with plenty of comedians in tow to up the chaos.


John Reilly & Friends featuring Tom Brosseau and Becky Stark

John C. Reilly's built up an impressive resume of serious acting gigs, in particular as a frequent collaborator of director Paul Thomas Anderson, but comedy fans will instantly recall his turns with "Did we just become best friends?" buddy Will Ferrell in Talladega Nights and Step Brothers. When he's not busy with his public access parody Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule, Reilly performs his own folk and country songs as the John Reilly & Friends (the group's released two singles under Jack White's imprint, Third Man Records).


Judith Owen & Harry Shearer's Holiday Sing-Along

Harry Shearer (best known from The SimpsonsThis Is Spinal Tap and Le Show) and his singer-songwriter wife Judith Owen return for another year with an evening of Christmas "music and mirth." Stay tuned for the show's lineup of special guests.

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