Total Forking Shirt Show

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Total Forking Shirt Show
Photograph: Courtesy the Theatre at Ace Hotel

If you’re a fan of The Good Place, then you don’t even need to know anything else—you’re already buying tickets to this cast improv show as we speak. But for the uninitiated, let us clue you in to the title: The hilarious afterlife comedy injects some safe-for-network-TV obscenities via a no-cursing clause in heaven that swaps innocuous words in for the four-letter variety.

So, prepare to see some funny shirt as the cast members from The Good Place fork around onstage at the Ace during an audience-suggested improv show. D’Arcy Carden (Janet), Jason Mantzoukas (Derek), Maribeth Monroe (Mindy St. Claire), Kirby Howell-Baptiste (Simone), Eugene Cordero (Pillboi) and Marc Evan Jackson (Shawn) are all slated to perform, with some other special guests from the show planned to make appearances.

Tickets go on sale March 15 at 10am, and proceeds benefit the improv-for-kids charity the Improv Project.

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