Nan Jombang: Rantau Berbisik (Whisperings of Exile)

Redcat, Nan Jomban
Photograph by Fiona Cullen

If "coiled bodies, exacting feats of balance and spellbinding control" are totally your thing, then Indonesian choreographer Ery Mefri will blow your mind with the west coast premiere of his acclaimed Nan Jombang dance company—consisting entirely, by the way, of members of Mefri's family. Nan Jombang's movements are influenced partly by modern Western dance, but also by the spiritual and martials arts traditions of West Sumatra's Minangkabau ethnic minority. Expect lots of clapping, chanting and body percussion as the dancers reenact the dramatic tale of a village rite of passage: young men bidding farewell to their homes as they seek out their fate and fortunes in the world.