Strut Your Style

Strut Your Style
Strut Launch Pad

It's not even Halloween, but holiday decorations at Target already have you thinking about who has been naughty and who has been nice. If you're worried about what to get the "man who has everything," come to the Ron Robinson boutique at Fred Segal Melrose for the debut of Strut's LaunchPort line of personalized iPad products. The company, known for its "automotive jewelry" like fancy grilles and wheels, has created a collection of iPad cases with designer finishes and proprietary wireless iPad charging technology. There are also charging pedestals hand-crafted from jewelry-grade stainless steel with triple-chrome plating. To complement the accessories, the event will feature a selection of Stut's other branded work on customized exotic and luxury cars, which are unfortunately a lot harder to fit under the tree than an iPad case.

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