The Cinefamily 24-Hour Holiday Telethon

Things to do, Talks and lectures Free
The Cinefamily's 24-Hour Holiday Telethon
Photograph: Courtesy the Cinefamily

See stars and support the arts at Cinefamily's third annual telethon-slash-holiday party. This seriously awesome celebration is designed to help raise money to continue the theater's eclectic programming, but studio audience admission is free on a first-come, first-served basis (plus the entire event can be streamed online). Choose from six time slots over 24 hourseach with a different jam-packed programfeaturing everything from a personal Q&A with Anjelica Huston to a live concert by Seattle metal band Earth set to a Herzog film to lunch with Bruce Dern. RSVP online and make a donation to get yourself to the front of the line.