9 to 5 drive-in screening

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9 to 5 drive-in screening

Colin Higgins' 9 to 5 makes 2011's Horrible Bosses seem like child's play. Judy (Jane Fonda), Violet (Lily Tomlin) and Doralee (Dolly Parton) work as secretaries in the same office for the same sleazy chauvinistic boss, Franklin Hart Jr. (Dabney Coleman). Hart makes passes at Doralee, unfairly looks over Violet for promotion, and as for Judy, her husband recently left her for another secretary. One fateful night, the trio chance upon each other drowning their sorrows at a bar, and together they decide to concoct harebrained but uproarious revenge fantasy schemes to kill Hart. Hilarity ensues when things backfire and the ladies try (incompetently) to cover things up. 

By: Andrew Seah

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