All American High/Fast Times at Ridgemont High double feature

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 Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Time Out says

The end of summer can be rather dreadful—no more full days of surfing and soaking up the sun, camping, or fro-yo based diets—especially when the first day of school creeps up on you. But there's no need for tears, at least not yet. Put on your leg warmers, push those ponytails to the side, and head to the Aero Theatre for American Cinematheque's double feature of two classic comedies. Learn what life was like at Torrance High in the 1984 documentary All American High; and watch a young Forrest Whittaker, Nicholas Cage and Sean Penn (as a stereotypical potthead surfer) in their frivilous cliques under the direction of Amy Heckerling (Clueless). A perfect end to summer that will have you remembering the good ol days while rocking out to Tom Petty and Led Zeppelin. Totally awesome!


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