Champagne + The Farmer's Wife double feature

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Champagne + The Farmer's Wife double feature
Photograph: Courtesy American Cinematheque Champagne.

See a whole new side of Alfred Hitchcock at this double feature, part of the Aero's "The Hitchcock 9, Plus 8" seriesboth 1928 films are silent romantic comedies. Champagne opens with a shot of the bubbly and tells the story of a prodigal socialite's father, who pretends he's lost his fortune in order to each her a lesson. The touching The Farmer's Wife, on the other hand, finds a widowed father inspired by his engaged daughter to search for love again, who then enlists the help of his housekeeper. Although the films carry nary a scare, watch out for telling Hitchcockian touches. Cliff Retallick will provide live musical accompaniment to the screening of the restored prints.


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