Chuck Jones 101: A Birthday Celebration

Movies, Animation
 Chuck Jones 101: A Birthday Celebration
Photograph: Courtesy Chuck Jones Center for Creativity

What's up, doc? This tribute to the beloved Looney Tunes creator, featuring some of his classic toons on the big screenJones directed more than 300, in addition to creating characters like the Road Runner and Pepe Le Pewincluding "Ali Baba Bunny," "Feed the Kitty," "Rabbit of Seville" and more. Don't miss the discussion between films with Jones' family as well as movie expert Leonard Maltin and the creator/conductor of "Bugs Bunny at the Symphony" George Daugherty. The event is a fundraiser for the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, so spring for the higher-priced tickets and leave with a limited edition print.

By: Gillian Glover