Everything Is Festival: The 5th Dimension

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Everything Is Festival: The 5th Dimension
Photograph: Courtesy the Cinefamily

Cinefamily's indefinable film fest is back with another dose of gonzo art and alt comedy. In conjunction with found footage site Everything is Terrible, this Labor Day weekend "festival that defies logic" will have you laughing and head-scratching at the same time. The L.A. kingpins of eclectic programming, the Cinefamily has put together a treasure trove of random compilations and guest appearances. A few standouts include: indie band YACHT live-scoring an experimental feature film crafted entirely out of animated GIFs; lunch with world-eating chamption Kobayashi, paired with the L.A. premiere of the documentary Hungry about Kobi himself and the sport of competitive eating; Show & Tell with zany radio legend Dr. Demento, who first introduced "Weird Al" Yankovic onto the scene in the '80s (Jack Black will introduce this Festival Supreme-presented show); and Nathan Fielder (Nathan for You), Kyle Mooney (Saturday Night Live, Hello Ladies) have mined YouTube to bring you their favorite, most out-there video discoveries, which will lead into the two guest-judging the Found Footage Battle Royale. Or take in the 8-bit wonderland that is Cinefamily's Most Outrageous Video Games 2the sequel to last year's installmentwith a montage of bizarre and awkward clips. Just head to Cinefamily—no questions asked—for the fest.


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