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Film events this week: LA's best films, fests and flicks

Check out our critics' picks for this week's best screenings, fests, Q&As and other film events across Los Angeles.

Photo courtesy CinefamilyCinefamily

Looking for the best film events in LA? Whether you prefer drive-ins, classic LA movie theaters or summer outdoor screenings, we've got you covered with our weekly film critic's picks. From romance and horror to documentaries and Disney classics, there's no shortage of good film in this city. Read on for the best of the big screen this week.

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Daphna S

I'm definitely going to see Elf. I meeeaaan it features the world's best coffee and pure moments of cinematic genius. Any new indie movies we can add to the list though? I know Arena Cinema in Hollywood is playing "Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale", which is one of my favorites. If you haven't seen that one you've gotta go check it out! Plus that theatre is super cozy and a nice way to spend an evening.