Go With Le Flo screening

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Go With Le Flo screening
Photograph: Courtesy Go With Le Flo

If you like your romantic comedies chock-full of twists and turns, handsome Europeans on Vespas and dramatic monologues over shots of salami-making, then you'll probably dig the charming Go With Le Flo. This German and French film was shot in Berlin by LA-born, award-winning film team (and music group!) Bright Blue Gorilla, and features many fresh new faces from the legendary Bertolt Brecht theater. If all that doesn't sound quirky enough for you, then check out the shows on April 11-13, where Bright Blue Gorilla will perform a concert before the screening, and the film's producer and director will engage in a Q&A with the audience. Go With Le Flo is in German and French with English subtitles.

By: Mariko Terasaki

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