Goodfellas/My Blue Heaven double feature

Photograph: Courtesy Egyptian Theatre Goodfellas

Get this, movie buffs—Scorsese's Goodfellas was based on the true crime book Wiseguy by Nicholas Pileggi, whose wife, Nora Ephron, wrote the screenplay for My Blue Heaven. Scorsese and Ephron did the majority of their research for each project during the same interview sessions with NYC mobster Henry Hill, whose life is the subject of both films. In the end, My Blue Heaven comes across as a sort of comic sequel to Goodfellas, even though Goodfellas was released a month after in 1990. Capisce? Watch the intimately intertwined movies play out at the Egyptian's Saturday night double feature. For $11 bucks a ticket, you'll get two flicks for the price of one. The ideal fee for a wise guy.

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