Grand Central Market dinner and Chinatown screening

Grand Central Market dinner and Chinatown screening

For the first time in decades, the venerable Grand Central Market will be open for dinner from 6-8pm on December 12 as part of a special screening next door at the Million Dollar Theatre of one of the greatest LA movies of all-time, Paramount Picture's Chinatown—marking the eve of the masterpiece film's 40th anniversary. Roman Polanski's neo-noir drama, starring a very dapper Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway, was inspired in part by the real-life water engineer William Mulholland, whose signature achievement was the Los Angeles Aqueduct, which opened 100 years ago this year. Coincidentally, Mulholland reigned over his L.A. water empire from a suite of offices atop the Metropolitan Water District building, a 1917 architectural landmark that also houses the Million Dollar Theatre... and everything comes full circle.

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