Narco Cultura screening

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Narco Cultura
Narco Cultura

War photographer Shaul Schwarz directs this compelling doc that offers a different spin on the ongoing conflict in Mexico. He juxtaposes Mexico's Drug Cartel Wars which led to more than 3,600 murders in 2010 alonewith several Americans who are finding recognition and wealth by penning songs exalting the drug lords behind this violence. It's chilling to see an LA narcocorrido singer belt out lines like, "Cross my path and I'll chop your head off. We're bloodthirsty, crazy and we like to kill," and even moreso to see drunk happy crowds singing along. This musical sub-genre has aspirations of becoming "the next hip-hop," but does its success merely build up the subjects' notoriety to near-legend status? It's a question worth exploring. Narco Cultura begins at both Laemmle's Royal Theatre and Playhouse 7 on Dec. 6; tickets go on sale Tuesday, Dec. 3 at 7pm.

By: Gillian Glover