Nymphomaniac Volume II screening

Photograph: Courtesy Nymphomaniac Nymphomaniac

As punishment for the perverted enjoyment you took in his raunchy two-part NYMPHOMANIAC, Lars von Trier delivers more of the outrageously explicit, this time with a side of grim. NYMPHOMANIAC's sequel picks up where the first left off, with sexually monstrous antiheroine Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg) falling for Jerome (Shia LaBeaouf), all the while realizing she's lost her ability to reach the big O. A series of bleak and histrionic events ensue, as they would, creating a decidedly nasty portrayal of one depraved and sex crazed human experience. Do yourself in at the Nuart, as NYMPHOMANIAC: Vol. II takes up a two-week residence. Needless to say, admission is 18 and over. 

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