Swingers screening

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Photograph: Courtesy Swingers Swingers

It isn't summer in LA until hoards of movie-lovers flock to Hollywood Forever, toting folding chairs, picnic blankets, snack spreads and lots of booze. And how apropos a setting to screen the 90s classic Hollywood comedy, Swingers, starring Vince Vaughn as a pompous wingman Trent, who attempts to show his helpless best buddy Mike (Jon Favreau) the unofficial ropes of LA's nightlife scene. It's a laughably 90s Hollywood parable of wannabes and their eye-roll inducing antics. But be forewarnedCinespia these days sells out faster than the pretzel croissants at Stumptown Coffee (which is to say, fast), so get your tickets early, arrive early, pee early... it'll be overcrowded, to say the least.