The Films of Kenneth Anger screening

Lucifer Rising
Photograph: Courtesy Kenneth Anger Lucifer Rising

Give your Thursday evening downtown a jolt of culture at the monolothic 1920s movie palace at the Ace Hotel. In the flesh, filmmaking legend Kenneth Anger will present the long lost version of his film Lucifer Rising. In 1973, Anger and Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page collaborated to make the film, but after its completion, they had a falling out, never spoke again and the film was thought to be forever lost. Forty years later, the never-before-seen celluloid was discovered deep within an archive in a mislabeled box, and is now ready to greet the world. Grab a cocktail and join Anger for a rare debut of his decades-old film, in addition to screenings from the "Magick Lantern Cycle"a compendium of Anger's greatest shorts from the 50s through the 70s. 

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