The Source Family LA Premiere

The Source Family LA Premiere
Photo courtesy Cinefamily

The LA premiere of this documentary is sure to illuminate some of the shadier practices local hippies were once up to. The Source Family was a radical ‘70s utopian commune led by Father Yod, owner of a trendy vegetarian restaurant on the Sunset Strip. Yod eventually created a full-on cult in his Hollywood Hills mansion with over 100 young members, including 14 of his beautiful 'wives.' The documentary (by one of Yod’s wives Isis Aquarian) reveals the group’s shrouded past. This premiere will take place at the Standard, across the street from the original Source restaurant location, natch. Attendees will be treated to an outdoor screening, original Source Family recipes, and a live performance by remaining members of Yod’s psychedelic rock band, Ya Ho Wa 13. If you can’t make it to the sold-out premiere, you can still catch plenty of cult action during the film’s week-long run at Cinefamily.

By: Danielle Nedivi

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