Trailer Show by Quentin Tarantino / The Dirty Dozen screening

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Best World War II movies: The Dirty Dozen

Quentin Tarantino's obsession with film delves deeper than simply his work as a director; he's also an avid cine-curator and historian. The gritty filmmaker has owned the New Beverly Cinema for years, and now takes over its programming, only screening 35mm prints of films, largely from his own personal collection. This weekend, see one of the many classic films that inspired Tarantino's upcoming western, The Hateful Eight. The Dirty Dozen follows 12 death-row-bound misfits who are recruited by Major Lee Marvin to carry out a suicide mission in Nazi-occupied France. For before the movie, Tarantino has put together a special trailer show featuring old previews of coming attractions starring the film's actors, from Lee Marvin to John Cassavetes.

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