Valley Girl 30th Anniversary Screening

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Valley Girl 30th Anniversary Screening
Photo courtesy MGM

Catch this classic 80’s teen rom-com on its 30th anniversary and experience the Valley Girl phenomenon's glory days. An innocent pastel pink SFV girl falls in love with a Hollywood punk (Nicolas Cage) in this film full of stuck-up Valley teens in all their popped-collar and feathered-hair glory. For all the 80’s kitsch, there are real highlights as well an exploration of class tensions, genuine confusing young love, and a great new wave soundtrack featuring Psychedelic Furs and Modern English. Plus Cage says one of his best lines: “F#@k off, for sure, like totally.”

After the screening, attendees will be treated to a conversation with director Martha Coolidge. Vals and city slickers are encouraged to come to the screening dressed in their loudest 80’s garb a costume contest in the end will be judged by Coolidge herself, so don’t hold back from looking totally bitchin’.

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