Watermark screening

Colorado River Delta #9 Sonora, Mexico, 2012
Photograph: Edward Burtynsky, Courtesy Watermark Colorado River Delta #9 Sonora, Mexico, 2012

Coursing through the Nuart for a week-long residence is the visually arresting new documentary from filmmaker Jennifer Baichwal and photo man Edward Burtynsky. Watermark confronts man's tempestuous relationship with life's most precious liquid resource. Through imagery of the world's largest dam (located in China), the parched desert where the Colorado River no longer flows into the ocean, the mass river-bathing ceremony in the Ganges and beyond, the viewer is flooded with a stunning portrait of H20—a resource so vital to us, yet so often taken for granted. Admission to each screening is $11 general admission, $9 for discount showings, kids and seniors.

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