White Reindeer screening

White Reindeer
Photograph: Courtesy Cinefamily White Reindeer

This jet-black satirical comedy tackles its subject with intelligent aplomb, and backs up the sharp comedy with genuine warmth. Poised to become a perennial indie film holiday tradition, White Reindeer centers on Anna Margaret Hollyman (The Color Wheel) as Suzanne, an uptight Xmas-loving woman who, at the dawn of December, finds her dream husband deceased, and her devotion in him dissolved after meeting Fantasia, the exotic dancer with whom he’d been cheating with. As Suzanne slides into Fantasia’s fast, wreckless world of dance parties, drugs and shoplifting, the film takes on thirty-as-the-new-twenty, and balances sleaze and sadness with hope and compassion. Director Zach Clark will be there in person, and audience members are encouraged to come dressed in their favorite weird holiday gear, as this screening is also the theater's Bad Christmas Sweater Bonanza.