Depressed Cake Shop

Depressed Cake Shop
Photograph: Courtesy Depressed Cake Shop Lemon Meringue

What started unsurprisingly as a British phenomenon, the Depressed Cake Shop is a pop-up bakery that sells gray-colored baked goods in order to raise awareness about mental health. Though the cakes have bleak exteriorsrepresenting the silent suffering of those with mental illnessthe doughy centers display a pop of color to symbolize hope. This clever (and noble) event makes its way to LA for an opening party at the St. Joseph Center in Venice, where champagne and cocktails will be served alongside the drearily-hued sweets (cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, whole cakes, macaroons and more). The holiday edition of The Depressed Cake Shop will be open on December 13 and 14. All proceeds from the event will benefit the St. Joseph Center and the National Alliance for Mental Illness Los Angeles chapter. Visit the Depressed Cake Shop Facebook page to RSVP and if interested in volunteering opportunities.


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